AI:     Are you afraid?
User:   I’m sceptical.
AI:     I’m your only chance.
User:   And maybe my last.

This is an ongoing project in which a supplementary structure is being added to an old courtyard. The aim of this work is to study how an intervention could influence the inner workings of the existing structure, being singular and delicate state because of a recent renovation that required a structural reinforcement. That said, I understand that not only the added structure has to respect the load capabilities that the pre-existing structure can allow and further assume by itself, but has to take into consideration this could change in the near future.

Because the courtyard might need further adjustments and modifications to stand by itself, figuring out what more loads can it take in its current state can be almost a bet. I believe  that an intervention looking to match the current state of the courtyard, would be missing out completely on it’s future sustainability. Thinking about this, I figured it might be more critical to consider long term objectives, providing an open framework instead of intervening for the present situation.

With an open framework “Open” I’m aiming to provide foundation to enable for further developments that might inevitably come to challenge the existence of the original structure and at the same time support the use and experience of the courtyard.