Project:        Lucerna. 2021
Competition:    Transefimers MED and A Cel Obert Festival 2021.
Location:       Tortosa, Cataluña.

Authors:        Santiago del Águila & Manuel Bouzas
Lighting designer: Ana BArbier

Lucerna is a Latin word describing an exterior opening located at the top of a space providing natural light and ventilation to it. However, in its origins, Lucerna was a term used by the Romans to name the small vessels with oil that produced light in the dark, in other words, the first lamps in history. Our project explores the intersection between both etymological notions to produce a temporary installation in the main Patio of the Purissima Concepció monastery of Tortosa, Spain. 

From Reims Cathedral to Hagia Sophia Mosque, Chandelier lamps have played a leading role in the spatial experience of Sacred spaces. Our project aims to rethink the spatial impact of this traditional element trough a monumental vessel of light that transforms the Patio trough shine and color.

Use: Temporary Installation

Location: Monasterio de Purissima Concepció, Tortosa (Spain) Photographer: Antonio Bouzas
Publications: Arquitectura Viva, Plataforma Arquitectura, Design Boom, Metalocus, Divisare

This color overflows the boundaries of the monastery until it reaches the street, where thousands of Tortosa inhabitants are invited to discover and reactivate the forgotten and hidden spaces of the city.